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Nkara (Musasa)

Country: RWANDA
District: Ruli Sector, Ruashashi District
Altitude: 1,500 – 2,000 metres above sea level
Variety: 100% Red bourbon
Processing: Fully washed
Owners: Dukundekawa Co-operative
Farmers: 200 smallholder farmers that contribute to Nkara Washing Station
Juicy and sweet with red apple, cherry and blackcurrant, stone fruit acidity and creamy dark chocolate finish.

This coffee comes from the Mblima washing station which is owned by the Dukundekawa Co-operative. The washing station rugged north-west in the town of Musasa, at around 1,800 metres above sea level.

By Rwandan standards, this washing station is quite small, representing 200 local producers in the area. 30 seasonal workers are employed by the washing station – of which 95% are women.

The Dukundekawa Co-operative was established in 2000. In 2003 they established their first washing station, with the help of a development loan from the Rwandan government and the support of the PEARL project. This transformational programme was aimed at switching the focus in the Rwandan coffee sector from an historic emphasis on quantity to one of quality – and so opening up Rwanda to the far higher-earning specialty coffee market. The programme and its successor, SPREAD, have been invaluable in helping Rwanda’s small-scale coffee farmers to rebuild their production in the wake of the devastating 1994 genocide and the 1990s world coffee crash.

Dukundekawa now owns three washing stations (in addition to Nkara they own another small washing station called Mblima and a larger washing station called Gatagara) and in total they have 1815 members.


Carmo Estate

Country: BRAZIL
City: Heliodora
Region: Minas Gerais
Altitude: 950 to 1,200 metres above sea level
Variety: Catucai
Processing: Pulped natural
Owner: Túlio Henrique Rennó Junqueira

Well structured and balanced with caramel sweetness, bright cherry acidity and dark chocolate, raisins and honey.

The Junquiera family started growing coffee on the highlands of southern Minas Gerais 150 years ago. The current owner, Tulio Junquiera, who is from the fifth generation of the family, has combined tradition with innovation to make Carmo Estate a sustainable farm dedicated to the production of specialty coffees. Tulio is also the president of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA).

Carmo Estate’s mission is to produce exceptional coffees while providing its employees with a good quality of life and fully respecting the environment. The farm is located near the town of Heliodora, in the southern state of Minas Gerais, a stunning region with mountainous terrain, mineral water springs and ideal conditions to grow specialty coffees. Carmo Estate has 220 hectares (545 acres) of land dedicated to the coffee varieties Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Catucaí, Bourbon, Acaiá and Icatú.

The owners’ personal attention, the agronomists’ specialist supervision and the fertile soil contribute to an average yield of 40 bags per hectare; more than twice the national average. Coffees from Carmo Estate are grown at altitudes ranging from 950 to 1,200m (3,100 to 3,900 feet).