About Us

Threshold Coffee Roasters is an boutique and small batch specialty coffee roaster based in Perth (Bassendean), Western Australia.

We started Threshold Coffee Roasters in 2011 due to our passion for coffee, coffee roasting, and the lack of readily available specialty coffee in our area. We were also frustrated by the fact that that so much of the market was taken up by the same companies roasting on a very large scale and supplying literally hundreds of cafes/restaurants throughout the city (and the country). We believe in quality, variety, choice and difference.

We believe that in season, high quality and freshly roasted specialty coffee should be readily available to people no matter where they live.

“Specialty coffee” is not marketing spin. It is coffee that rates 80 points or higher on a 100 point cupping (tasting) scale. Most of our coffee rates 85 or higher as we don’t waste our time with lower quality coffee. It is more expensive but it is worth the cost.

We don’t believe in roasting too dark as this detatches the bean from its unique (origin) flavour and aroma characteristics.

If are you a wholesale customer (cafe/restaurant/pattiserie) and want a fantastic product/service, a point of difference and great customised service – then get in touch and discuss how we can work with you! Why not stand out from the crowd?

You can find us each Sunday morning at the Kalamunda Farmers Markets from 8-12.

We are a small Western Australian family owned business.

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